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Sarah here, author of Passport and Memories, a female introvert with an insatiable desire to travel the world. Planning one trip at a time. 

All my life I've been an extremely shy, quiet natured person who always takes the back seat and observes, exhausted by busy, demanding environments. I never really knew that meant that I was an introvert. To be honest I didn't even really know what an introvert or extrovert was until a couple of years ago and I'm well into my twenties now. Fun fact - I only really found out about these things through online dating!

Unlike a lot of my extroverted friends, I always found it hard to express myself and be the centre of attention. I always thought there was something wrong with me because I wasn't like everyone else. I felt like I NEEDED to have someone else join me to be able to go out, experience things and have fun. I NEVER thought I could ever go out and do something on my own and truly have fun. Never thought it was the ‘normal’, ‘accepted’ thing to do. Fearful of people judging me.  With a bit of research into what introversion was, I found that it was perfectly fine to be an introvert, to be myself. It took a long time for me to be comfortable with who I am, and to be honest, I am still trying to find a happy median between social life and my own time where I can recharge my batteries.

I've been interested in travel for a long time but never had the cojones to travel alone, and anyway I've always made terrible choices with my finances so I've never had the money to travel either. I'm now nearing the end of my bad financial choices, and soon to be financially free to experience what the world has to offer. Sooooo...

Here I am, starting a travel and lifestyle blog to re-ignite that passion for travel, to be myself, to create and share experiences with others and to empower other like-minded introverts to gain confidence in themselves.

Do what makes you happy!

Sarah Lou

Sarah - Passport and Memories


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We introverts can do incredible things too, don't forget that.