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Why I Started a Travel and Lifestyle Blog

For the longest time, I have struggled with the ability to express myself properly, to be understood (to understand myself), and to have the confidence to get out and about solo.

I’m a what?

Growing up, I struggled to come to terms with the fact that I wasn’t like anyone else. Meaning I wasn’t outgoing enough, the centre of attention, I was quiet with not much to say. I wasn’t witty and couldn't come up with things on the spot to say without taking time to think about my response. I had always thought that I needed to be one of these outgoing, centre of attention people because that’s what everyone loved. Through school, there were so many groups of people who were all friends and would do everything together, even now I see it in my late twenties, large groups of friends, all hanging out doing great things together. I envied that. So bad. And to be completely honest I still do, just a little bit. It definitely wasn’t normal to go out on your own and do the same things these groups of friends were doing (or was it) and so I believe I held myself back for so long. Always thought I needed someone or a group of people by my side to be able to go out and enjoy myself without being judged. I was fearful of being judged. However, I found that being around many people at one time drained my energy to the point I felt like I needed to retreat, to recharge, to be by myself.

While online dating in my mid-late twenties I learned about these personality types such as extroversion and introversion. I had never heard of these terms before. I thought it was just some new crazy fad that people were going through, again. Little did I know, I actually related hugely to one of these silly terms. With some research into what these terms were, I found that introversion was me in a nutshell. I am quiet, I am shy, I am reserved, my energy does drain in social settings, I have only a couple of close friends and I enjoy my own peace and quiet.

Learning about these terms, gave me the skills and confidence to become self-aware, to better understand who I am and come to terms with it. The next hurdle is having others understand all of this about me.

A hobby, a business and travel

Throughout our lockdown here in New Zealand, I wanted to find a hobby or a potential side hustle. I tried thinking of a lot of things from starting my own clothing business to potentially outsourcing PA work. I found that every idea required money and a lot of it, which I did not have. I also don’t believe that I have a very good entrepreneurial brain! There are some people out there that are so talented and can think up anything to make a successful business out of it.

I’ve made some terrible financial decisions that have cost me greatly over the past 10 years and I'm only figuring out now that they were BAD decisions and that if I need or want anything, then I must save up and not take out some stupid loan that a finance company (or even a bank) is swinging in front of my eyes. Whenever I hear people talking about taking a loan out to buy something such as a new car worth lots of $$, I cringe and tell them not to do it because this is one of the bad decisions I made and would hate for them to end up in the same boat trying to stay afloat. At the start of 2023, I will officially be debt-free and I’m totally here for it. I cannot wait for the day that I see my last payment go through to clear those past 10 years' worth of debt.

So after all of this trying to think of a hobby or business idea, I came across the idea of creating my own blog. Though I wish I had thought of it sooner. I figured it shouldn’t cost me too much money upfront and I can learn to voice my opinions, express myself better in writing hopefully verbally too and gain the courage and confidence to get out and about on my own as a solo female traveller bringing you all along for the ride and gaining some seriously amazing memories that will last a lifetime.

I plan on saving my money next year in 2023 after paying my debt off to visit Florida in the United States of America. I cannot express how freaking excited I am to finally be able to visit a country that I’ve been wanting to visit for the past 15 years or more. And what’s even better, I’ve convinced myself to go solo!

That is a while away yet but that doesn’t mean I can’t show you around little old New Zealand in the meantime, right?

Watch this space.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post, even though it was all about me! I would love to hear about your accomplishments or struggles being an introvert or extrovert or how you may have started your own blog in the comments below.

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